Vivo Y51 Qcn File V2035 imei Repair Baseband Unknown Fix Tested

Vivo Y51 V2035 No Service Fix Tested Qcn File

Hello Dear, We are sharing Vivo Y51 V2035 Qcn File No Service  Fix 100% Tested on our website. After phone security update/OS Update phone security partition brick. Some how Baseband Unknown and Imei Null or 00. Vivo Y51 V2035 After update Baseband ok but imei 00 and no service. Don’t worry it’s a common issue. If you face this problem on your Vivo Y51 V2035 then contact with me hopefully i can fix it.

What is Baseband :

Baseband is firmware That used by cellular modem manufacturers and used on smartphones to connect to cellular networks, send and receive data, and make voice calls. … “Also, the malleability of this baseband implantation doesn’t just make it good for device experimenting, but also network testing.

Vivo Y51 V2035 Qcn 100% Tested

If phone doesn’t have baseband that mean your phone security “imei” also gone or damaged. There’s also a problem if your phone doesn’t have baseband then your phone cellular can’t work.

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QCN mean =

Queensland Communications & Networking

that contain imei data. If somehow your phone imei damaged then your sim network not working or No Service. If your Vivo Y51 V2035 somehow imei damaged / 00 then you need this QCN File for restore network.

Most important thing 

1  First you select the right file with the right model

2  Update the file or select the same version if possible

3  Your phone may be turned off if there is a mistake

Vivo Y51 V2035 QCN File



Contact Info:

Call : +8801932468641 ++8801924382627

Whatsapp: +8801932468641

Why you need to restore QCN? 

Why would you want to update the Vivo Y51 V2035 

1 If the network is getting low in your phone

2 If the network is not working on your phone at all

3 If the IMEI number of your phone has been lost then you can fix it with this file

4 If the baseband version of your phone has become unknown

5 If your phone is showing emergency calls .

6 If your phone shows no service And there can be many network reasons, all of which you can correct with the help of this file.

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